At the age of sixteen I bought my first SLR camera (Minolta XD 5) and b&w laboratory equipment. Later on, as a student I could afford a Nikon F3 which I still own today. Much enjoyed the way to take pictures - still having control on focus, aperture, shutter time and depth of field.

This was the time when I started working with people, mostly friends of mine, which taught me that it is not only technique to make good pictures. It is much about the way you approach people to get their look and open up to a complete stranger.

Many years later I am still into people photography and I love to walk the streets, approaching people, talking to them and try to capture the moment.  Not always easy and I learned that I myself need to be in the right mood to connect and catch the flow.

Currently  I use the Fujifilm X-series - at the moment the X100F (my alway "with me" camera) and the X-Pro 2 with various fixed lenses. Love my cameras as they still allow me my way of taking pictures while being discrete to others.


Still learning, still curious....

                                                                .. and the journey is by far not finished yet.