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La Wantzenau, November 2014

I still remember when I met Charly. My wife and I had a great dinner in a well known seafood restaurant close to Strasbourg - "le Pont de l'Ill". When we left we passed at the stand outside, where two men were opening the oysters and preparing the typical seafood plates for which the restaurant is known for.

Charly caught my attention with his impressive beard and tattoos. So I did not hesitate too long and asked him, if he would be interested on a photo shooting. And he said "yes". So we agreed to meet next day in the afternoon.

When I arrived next day around 3 p.m. I actually was too early as Charly was taking a short nap after he finished his work for the lunch service. So I came again two hours later and we started to chat while drinking a coffee. He talking about his life as a fisherman in Brittany finding himself at the age to retire without having enough pension for his living. This is the reason why he ended up close to Strasbourg working in a restaurant.

He turned out to be a very modest and gentle guy and I was glad to take some pictures while we were talking. The final shots we took outside in front a wall. Frankly, an easy shooting with a guy pretty relaxed in front of my camera as you can see on the pictures below. Obviously he had as much fun as myself.

After two hours I left and rushed home to upload the pictures and get some black and white prints in the nearby photo shop. I offered a large print, nicely framed, to Charly as a litte "Thank you". Thanks again to him for the experience and willingness to be my model.

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