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Encounter in the French alps

Aktualisiert: 6. Juli 2020

I have to admit, these pictured date back to 2013. We spent our summer holidays in the french alps. One day we went on a longer hike close to Megève. Almost at the top of the mountain there were small stone build huts, obviously used in former times for hunting purposes.

When walking by I saw a group of older people sitting in the outside, just finished their lunch. I asked them if I can take some pictures and they agreed and invited us for a drink. They pulled out a bottle of home made "Schnaps" (at least 40% of alcohol) and served quite generously in a water glass.

We had a great time with them, but while they took a four wheel car to drive down again, we had to walk back for another 3 hours to the place we have parked our car. With all the booze in my stomach, not an easy exercise ;-) I can tell.

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