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Aktualisiert: 9. Feb. 2020

About 2 years ago I started flying drones, initially with a Mavic Pro which I unfortunately lost in a winter flight in the mountains. It took me some time to make my decision to buy another one due to the fact that regulations for drones became more heavy and attitudes of people becoming more negative to drones. While I initially had more to deal with curiosity and Kids - meaning it was hard to get a shoot without people surrounding me, I have now more to deal with people considering drones as a thread to their privacy.

Thanks to Jacky, my lovely wife, I finally mad the step again, passing all the necessary steps to fly a drone within all the regulations - training, online-test, registration and private liability insurance.

Here you find some early videos and I will surely continue to post new ones.


Lac des Confins - La Clusaz 2020 - Haute Savoie - France

La Chartreuse du Reposoire - vallée de l'Arve - Haute Savoie - France

Bike tour on my Desert Sled in the Vosges mountains - Alsace, France

Banc du Bûcheron - Ile de Ré - France

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