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Yamaha XT 500 - Motor overhaul

Unfortunately when doing the technical service of my XT 500 it turned out the motor sounds a bit strange and at least the cylinder head needed some closer look. Even the Yamaha dealer did no longer have the skilled personnel to do the work properly and referred me to a local guy which turned out to be more than just a plain mechanic.

He is truly how he called himself in french a kind of "medecin légiste" (Engl: Pathologist) for motorcycle. His name is Christian and he is running a small boutique garage here in Strasbourg, specialized in vintage motorcycles.

And I wanted to participate when he was working on my motor and enjoy the unique "universe" of his workshop. A "world aside" far away from the everyday life. So I spent quite some days there enjoying his work and learning a lot about how the XT 500 motor works. I finally decided to do a complete rebuild. Cylinder remake, new piston, new crank shaft, new valves, new cam shaft, new rocker arms - basically a new motor. Only the gear box remained untouched.

Which means a new running in period - initially 1000 km (which I have just finished) and another 4000 km until finally ready for full throttle.

Enjoyed the time there, the good company and of course the end result - the motor sound being music to my ears.

... and finally the first run of the motor...

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