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Yamaha XT 500 - My teenage dream

When I was young I rode a Yamaha XS 360 - which I bough as a used bike. A year later Yamaha introduced the XT 500 - a dream bike of me and all my friends. Unfortunately I just could not afford it.

So when four years ago I ran into a store where a guy sells bikes from the 1970ies and 1980ies I saw this bike - obviously in a good shape.

"Oh shit" I thought not having planned to have a second motorcycle - but what can I do? No real choice when I saw this beauty. I finally bough it trading in a not running Honda CB 350 to reduce the prize.

The video below was taken in 2019 - after a major overhaul of the engine. But this is an experience I like to share in another post.

I love the look and sound of this bike, the whole ceremony of starting it with the kick-starter.... Just need to know how to do it properly. The guy who sold it to me was limping - as he got a kick-back from the kick starter who pushed his knees to his jaw.

A time travel back to my youth and the true roots of motorcycling. Carburator, kick-starter, poor 6V electric but an extremely reliable and forgiving mechanic. Even after 3 - 4 months of winter break the bike starts reliably after 1-2 kicks.

My Yamaha has 55.000 km and dates back to 1980 - meaning 40 years old! Looks like just coming out of the factory.

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